Master Classes, Weekend Workshops and Technique Classes

Weekend Workshops

A weekend workshop allows you the time to investigate a new technique. It will enhance your skills and understanding of glass.



Casting with Scrap

Date: Friday 17th June + Saturday 25th June (morning) for divestment
Time: 10-4 (ish)
Cost: £100
Class size: 4 persons
If you fancy progressing your glass skills, then this one day class might be for you!
Im inviting participants to help me use up my piles of scrap tekta by casting it into an open face mould. You can create your mould from any small object, piece of textile, or you can create something entirely unique with clay! Once cast your mould will be packed with your chosen glass frits and off-cuts and fired in the kiln. The following week you will divest (remove the plaster) and give your masterpiece a quick clean up before taking it home.
Some glass experience preferred
All materials will be provided.
Contact me  for more details and to book



Pate de verre weekend

Date: Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July + Saturday 6th August (morning) for divestment

Time: 11-4pm

Class size: 4 persons

Price: £250

In this intensive weekend course we will cover testing glass frits and powders, hand building moulds, packing glass vessels and the creation of flat pate de verre. We will also discuss firing schedules and alternative processes. There will be demonstrations and talks throughout. All materials will be provided and no previous experience with glass is necessary.

Contact me  for more details and to book